Programmes & Workshops

Mettaminds delivers structured programmes, workshops and taster sessions, as well as regular classes. We also work with organisations and communities to produce.

Customised Workshops

'Working with you', Mettaminds are able to create workshops and training around your organisational or community needs.
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Tai Chi Classes and workshops

Let us guide you in one of our face to face or online classes.
Our Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes and workshop are accessible to all.

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Mettaminds has designed a variety of workshops based around mental health and wellbeing, delivered in a variety of settings..
* Stress Management
* Pause and Breath
* Creative wellbeing (Art, crafts & Tai Chi)
* Breathwork

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Mettastart is a simple programme built around the three principles of Movement, Breath and 'The learning state.

* 10-15 minute sessions
* Practice flexibly
* Integrate into your lives
* supported by introductory workshops
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Our Most Popular Programmes

We're proud of how many individuals we are able to help and change their lives.

Workplace Wellness

Mental Health First Aid


Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Wellbeing Programmes

NLP and Confidence Building


Holistic workshops

Safeguarding training

Recent Blog Posts

Open Wellbeing

Organic growth and Rebalance Mettaminds introduced the Open Wellbeing program. Something that was developed from my own experience of mental health and wanting to help people find 'their' journey to balance. The concept of Open Wellbeing is simple, work on 'you', your mind, body and perspective. When you have an idea and see it grow […]
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Mettaminds Retreats- Self care

We were blessed to welcome 10 beautiful people onto our first 'Day Retreat', focused on promoting self care. The retreat, in conjunction with International Women's Day, was held in the Seedhouse, Walsall Arboretum. Most of the participants were previously part of our Open Wellbeing program, and had an expressed an interest about exploring self care […]
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Work on the inside

We often look to the external, the outside of ourselves. Problems, stimulus, people, relationships, situations. Thus, when we look for answers, we focus on solutions that are external to us. Change our environment, let go of friends, surround ourselves with 'nicer' objects. It is our reaction to the external and accepting how we relate to […]
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