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Posted on 04/19/2023

Organic growth and Rebalance

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Mettaminds introduced the Open Wellbeing program. Something that was developed from my own experience of mental health and wanting to help people find 'their' journey to balance. The concept of Open Wellbeing is simple, work on 'you', your mind, body and perspective. When you have an idea and see it grow into an effective program that other people and organisations believe in, there is a feeling of gratitude.

We have now supported over 200 people, through working with a variety of organisations that have trusted our perspective on mental health and wellbeing, and I believe we have had an effect on helping people to find their true path in life.

Thank you to the many Social prescribers for referring every beautiful soul. One Walsall for helping to secure funds to allow us to function as an organisation. NHS and Health inequalities fund for believing in our innovation. The many Community organisations that continue to support our work. The Recovery College, who have forged a fantastic partnership and allowed Mettaminds to guide many students through the program and Tai chi workshops. And most recently, we have been honoured to be based at the Walsall Jobcentre to guide individual to 'their balance'.

Our hopes now are to create an advisory board from the great people we have been honoured to meet, so they can support and shape our future work. The intention has helped us to create supportive workshops for our Open Wellbeing community and wider.

A big thank you to all that have shared their love and energy with us, and the belief you have shown.

Stay humble, peace and love.

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