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Posted on 04/19/2023

We were blessed to welcome 10 beautiful people onto our first 'Day Retreat', focused on promoting self care. The retreat, in conjunction with International Women's Day, was held in the Seedhouse, Walsall Arboretum. Most of the participants were previously part of our Open Wellbeing program, and had an expressed an interest about exploring self care therapies further. Funding by the Winter Pressures Fund, Walsall, we were able to provide the retreat free of charge, and keep true to our aim of providing 'accessible wellbeing' Retreats are known to be expensive and available to those who have the means. For Mettaminds to provide this service was exceptional. I am a firm believer of having an intention and the universe will provide us with a way.

The retreat offered: Meditation basic, Sound and Gong Therapy, Yoga, Qi Gong, Self Acupressure, nature and craft. All our beautiful women received a treatment too! Back massage, Reiki and reflexology. We also provided a balanced lunch, helping to increase exploration of new foods and flavours.

All in all the retreat went well, I would say that though! On that note, we did manage to get some feedback from some of the participants. The feedback, and loads of other stuff our creative 'created' is attached to this blog.

Big thanks to Amy Middle Photography, Anna Jardine Holistic Therapies and Kam Yoga.

The retreat is just the start of our journey and we hope to do another in June 2023, focusing on 'release' and connecting to nature. Our plans are to offer overnight retreats specialising in specific therapy areas.

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