Creating Healthy Minds 'Wellbeing for all'

Our Services

We provide wellbeing programmes, accredited mental health training and workshops.


We offers specialised programmes to support your wellbeing and increase awareness. We explore techniques, practices, tools and therapies to help connect with your wellbeing.


Introducing you to different types of health and wellness practices, including tai chi, Qi Gong, meditation, and breath-work.


Mettaminds works in a variety of settings offering accessible workshops that introduce or extend your knowledge around achieving balance.
Picture of one of the founders, Amrit, doing a yoga pose

Our Mission

"We are all on our own journey in finding balance, how we find it is very personal and needs to be guided by ourselves, with the support of the selfless".

Sarb and I embarked on a lifelong journey of exploring mental health and wellbeing in ways that make it relatable. Mettaminds started its humble beginnings as a vehicle promoting 'loving kindness' (metta meaning 'lovingkindness' in Pali). As dedicated practitioners, Sarb with her Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme (MBSR) and teaching meditation, myself (Amrit) Tai Chi, NLP, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), all paved the way in creating programs designed to open up the many possibilities and alternatives there are in achieving 'balance' or better mental health.

As we grow organically our programs and workshops continue to gain momentum. We have guided and supported people from a variety of backgrounds by exploring and connecting with balanced wellbeing. Our inspiration and knowledge base is drawn from a vast range of disciplines validating the information and practices we share. Our biggest joy in sharing this learning 'gift' is the impact this has on people's lives, supporting balance and wellbeing by cultivating self care.

Amrit & Sarbjit
A short video about Mettaminds.

Who We Work With

Mettaminds is an 'open' organisation, meaning we work with many different people, organisations and communities.
Including: Schools, Colleges, Universities, communities, individuals, JobCentre, professionals.

Recent Blog Posts

The Orchard Pavillion

We often get asked where we are based. How do you get there? is it the Visitors centre? The Orchard Pavillion is located near The Crescent and Sutton Road Junction. We have lots of free parking and you can drive right up to the building. Please see the map below to help you find us.
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Good Vibes

Movement is so important to our health and mind health. At Mettaminds we believe the Min body are one unit, when we don't feel good in ourselves, our minds tell us and so does our body. We are happy to introduce 'Yoga with Maggie', we have a few spaces left, so please join us on… Continue reading Good Vibes
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Open Wellbeing

We are pleased to announce we have started two new sessions and one in the pipeline.Open Wellbeing helps you explore mental health and wellbeing, including tools and therapies in a safe and non judgemental environment. Wednesday- 12pm-1.30Thursday- 10am-11.30Thursday Evening- online: 6pm- 7pm Get in touch by emailing us at:
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